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Playa & Culture.


PLAYA & Culture

Playa del Carmen has grown tremendously over the past 40 years. We built our first hotel here 15 years ago, and later we focused on developing private luxury apartments. The high demand for vacation rentals and constant requests from our customers led us to create our own property management and vacation rental company—Happy Addressthrough which we manage customers' apartments and generate attractive investment returns.


Fine dining

We believe that dining needn’t be expensive to be fine. Playa and its surrounding boast some of the best Caribbean, Polish, Italian, Vietnamese, and Turkish food, and all at affordable prices. Those looking for a more posh vibe will be happy to know that our neighborhood also offers restaurants headed by some of the most world-renowned chefs.



Playa has it all—from bespoke boutiques that feature independent designers to thrift stores and craft fairs full of one-of-a-kind finds. This is where rising fashion stars like Amor Amor got their start, taking inspiration from the dynamic culture of México. No matter what store you go to, you’ll find products that you couldn’t get anywhere else.


World class bars

Singular nightlife is top-notch. You can watch the latest game while you enjoy your favorite Beer, Demo Ale, and Filler Stout. Or try some small-batch beers crafted by local breweries. If cocktails are your preferred poison, trendy mixology establishments, complete with plush couches and date night lighting, are peppered throughout the Caribbean.


Music Venues

Whether you’re looking for an intimate jazz club, large music hall experience, disco with a killer DJ, or eclectic music festival, Singular has it. Some of the most fun and innovative bands, artists, and musicians flock to our city for its creative energy and diverse music scene. Take the opportunity to experience it all up close and personal. We promise you won’t regret it.