S I N G U L A R | Residence Hotel

Residence Hotel.

Use it or rent it.


01. What’s a Residence Hotel?

It’s very simple: We are at once a residence and a hotel. As an owner you’ll have your own residence in Playa del Carmen whenever you wish. When you are not there, your property will serve as a luxury hotel, available for rental.


02. What are the benefits of renting it as a hotel?

Mexico is the 9th most touristic destination in the world.


03. What are our guests like?

Their profile is very specific:

- World-travelers.

- Active people who enjoy discovering new things.

- High class.

- Love the arts, music and design.

- Love animals.


04. Design art

We only work with the best in their field:

· Architecture by Seijo Peon.

· Interior design by LOL.

· Branding by Futura.

· Marketing by Descarga.


05. What is our personality?

Our guests and owners have high standards and are not easy to please.

They’re not looking for a timeshare or a common apartment.


06. Who are we?






Good times